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  1. Hi I'm new to both DrivePool and CloudDrive and so I just wanted to check that what I plan to do will work as a backup solution. I have a PC which I built as a general repository for all our important digital stuff and a media server. The machine has a pool of HDDs in duplicated mode which stores backups for various Pcs in the house, but I wish to also have a copy of these backup files off site. To this end I've used CloudDrive to create a couple of 1TB drives which are connected to separate MS OneDrive accounts. So that I can make most efficient use of the space I've then used DrivePool to pool them together into one 2TB drive. What I want to clarify is what I would need to do to recover the backups on the pooled cloud drive in the event of total loss of all PCs and backups in the house. So, this is what I think (or hope) should work to recover the data onto a brand new PC. Please let me know if/where I'm wrong! 1) Firstly I would install CloudDrive on the new machine and reconnect to the two MS OneDrive accounts. I would then recreate two new drives, one attached to each of these accounts as before (or would CloudDrive just find them once I connected to the two OneDrive accounts?). Anyway, at some point in this process I assume CloudDrive will ask me for the encryption keys, as the new PC will have no record of them stored. This will be OK as I plan to store copies of the keys at a relative's house. I assume also, that CloudDrive may complain about the original PC still being connected but it will still allow me to proceed? 2) Once I have the two drives set up in CloudDrive I would then install DrivePool and re-create the pool containing the two cloud drives. Would I have to manually do this or would DrivePool just recognise that the cloud drives were part of a pool somehow and automatically recreate the pool? 3) With the pool recreated I would then install the backup software I use and recover my data. One thing that does occur to me is what would happen with regard to licences for DrivePool and CloudDrive? If my original machine is incinerated or stolen I wouldn't have transferred the licences so what would I do? I have paid for licences for both. Anyway, I hope the above is clear. If I've got the whole thing wrong please go easy on me! Thanks for any help offered. Mark
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