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  1. Sorry to revive an older post, but I came across this one after a quick search... also need an 8 port sata card for my server, I'm using Windows 10. I've been running a Highpoint card I wound up with for several years, but it appears to be throwing some errors and probably time to replace it... Same as OP, I also just need a simple JBOD solution, no RAID necessary. Just need it to be reliable (of course, right? haha), handle large (10+ TB discs), and have decent/recent driver support. Any suggestions? Is the Supermicro card recommended a few years ago still a reasonable bet?
  2. No worries! Awesome. Thanks for following up!
  3. Hello, First want to say how much I love the StableBit products... money well spent. I've been using them for years and never had a serious issue. DrivePool in conjunction with Scanner has enabled me to run a large home server with very little difficulty. These products rock! I hope this is a quick/easy question -I may be over-complicating this in my head! My system OS (Windows 10) is installed on an SSD along with DrivePool and Scanner. NO part of the system OS disk is part of the pool. StableBit Scanner is telling me that the system disk has 3% of it's life left. I figure I should go ahead and replace it! I use this system as our home server, and everything else running on it seems to be working. So, I would rather not just start a new installation from scratch on a new system drive and have to set everything else back up. Are there any special steps I need to take to ensure DrivePool/Scanner function properly when migrating the OS to a new SSD? OR can I simply use migration/cloning software to move everything over to the new system disk and then switch out the drives? Thank you so much in advance for any advice you may be able to offer!
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