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  1. hello 1. make note of or take screenshots of your DrivePool settings if you have changed them from the default settings in any way. if you take SSs step 2 is important. DP saves your pool data in Alternate Data Streams on the drives themselves but doesn't save any customized balancer/file placement rules etc. from Manage Pool ^ Balancing... under the pie chart in the GUI. also take note of Manage Pool ^ Performance > settings as well. 2. make sure all your user data (i.e. all docs, pics, DLs, etc.) from your C:\Users\[your user name]\ have been saved/backed up elsewhere. 3. yes deactivate your license - cogwheel with downpointing arrow in upper right corner/Manage license/deactivate. in fact you should do this for all licensed 3rd party software on your machine. if you are reinstalling on the EXACT same hardware it *shouldn't* much matter but better safe than hassled later. 4. power OFF machine, and unplug/detach ALL drives EXCEPT your win10 drive from the mobo and any USB ports. IOWs ONLY the win10 boot drive where you want to clean install win11 is attached. 5. install windoze 11 and update to latest version, all new windows update security patches, etc etc. 6. DL and install the latest version of DP from https://stablebit.com/DrivePool/Download and reactivate the license. 7. power OFF your machine and reconnect your DrivePool drives and power ON. 8. in the DP GUI Manage Pool ^ Balancing... ensure all is reconfigured and set up as it was before the reinstall. SAVE. Manage Pool ^ Performance > as well. if it were me, i would reboot here. 9. it is important to remeasure the pool before using it normally. Manage Pool > Remeasure... Remeasure. *NOTE* if you never messed with the settings and all was left at default before, steps 1 and 8 can probably be omitted/ignored. my own pool is fairly customized, so i included them as part of the procedure I would follow. cheers
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