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    My Rackmount Server

    Yeah, WS2019 missing the Essentials role sucks. I'm running WSE2016 and I have no way forward so this will be what I am running until the end of days probably.... But wow, nice setup! With the HBA card, can you get the HDDs to spin down? I tried with my Dell H310 (some 9210 variant IIRC) but no luck.
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    2 pools - best setup method?

    I am not exactly sure what you want to accomplish. Do you want duplication and fast reads? You might want to consider using hierarchical pools, something like: Pool A: 12 x 500GB SSD Pool B: 2x4TB + 2x2TB + 1x 500GB SSD Pool C: Pool A + Pool B I would think that writes go fast (Pool A SSD only, Pool B uses the SSD Cache) and that reads go fast as well as they would read from Pool A effectively (even if the request goes out to Pool C). The downside is that you can only store about 6TB duplicated.


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