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Cannot upload any files to DrivePool drive.


I trying to upload files to newly created DrivePool drive with WinSCP - but getting the following error from WinSCP:

Transfer was successfully finished, but temporary transfer file abc.filepart could not be renamed to target file name abc.doc.
General failure (server should provide error description).
Error code: 4
Error message from server: Failure

Common reasons for the Error code 4 are:
- Renaming a file to a name of already existing file.
- Creating a directory that already exists.
- Moving a remote file to a different filesystem (HDD).
- Uploading a file to a full filesystem (HDD).
- Exceeding a user disk quota.

None of the above applies, however I suspect that "moving file to a different filesystem" - could possibly be relevant. Not sure which way though - this .filepart file is created at the same location where original files would go. Clearly - the latter "rename" operation fails. I tried to tweak pool settings such as disabling balancing - to no avail.

I can do fully successful WinSCP transfer to any other drive on the same destination box, but the DrivePool drive.

PS: Also - I tried this with other SCP tools (notably duplicacy CLI) - with same result - so it's not WinSCP specific.

Any ideas?


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You opened a ticket for this as well.  If you could: 

Could you update to the latest version of StableBit DrivePool? 

Additionally, could you enable drive logging, and reproduce the issue? 

And could you run the StableBit Troubleshooter on the system in question? 


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