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Server2012Essentials duplication very slow



Just curious if folder duplication is supposed to be VERY slow?


Earlier this week I finished my new server build and finished moving all my data onto the pool.  I have a 24tb pool on the server with about 16Tb used and of that only about 6-8Tbs being duplicated at the folder level.


It has been duplicating for somewhere between 36 and 48 hours and is only 15.6% complete.  That seems.... crazy.   It also seems to be slowing down and it's now doing about 0.1% every 2 hours or so.  So by that math, it's going to take 35 days to reach 100%.. ROFL.


Additionally, while it's balancing, I can see the lights on for individual drives activities in my raid enclosure, but the DrivePool UI reports ZERO read or write activity going on.



Lastly, it can take SEVERAL DAYS for the Statistics Incomplete icon to go away and all disks to be fully measured and no grey sections...

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sl4ppy, if you have a lot of data, that could be why (or other errors could be occuring).


Also, by default DrivePool uses "background IO" to accomplish duplication and balancing. This can take a long while depending on the contents of your pool.

However, if you are willing to "tweak" settings, you can change the behavior here. However, it may cause the system to be more laggy while it's processing it's tasks:


Set FileDuplication_BackgroundIO to "False", and restart the server.



If that doesn't help, let me know.



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