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Keeping my Drive Pool feeder disks file free



Hello and good Day to all!


My Question Is -- What is the best way to keep my feeder array file free?


I am using three Velociraptor "knock-off's"  in RAID0 to speed up writes to my 64TB B) drive pool and I don't want ANY files stored on it (for obvious reasons)


It looks like there are a couple of ways to accomplish this however I'm wondering which way would be the best?





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Then you want the "SSD Optimizer". Yes, it says "SSD", but you can use any disk for the feeder/landing zone disk.


Also, if you do install it, disable the Ordered File Placement balancer, as the two balancers interfere with each other. However, the SSD Optimizer has the option to do the Ordered File Placement stuff, as this was the only good solution we found to fix the said interference. 


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Hi Drashna,


That's the way I've had it set up.


I am guessing I need to set the Ordered Placement options in the SSD balancing plug-in even though I don't really care what order the drives are filled, providing the free space is equalized.


I did try setting the slider for filling the SSD to 1% but that doesn't seem to make a difference.  (BTW, there is NO duplication on this pool - yet)



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