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Setting up Drivepool and Clouddrive as backup issues



I'm trying out drivepool and clouddrive but having issues getting them to work together. Not sure if I'm using it correctly. I have multiple hard drives (10+) with total 30TB used for plex.

DrivePool: I created "drivepool A:\" which combines all 10+ hard drives.
Clouddrive: I made "Google Drive O:\" with 100GB cache. 

Back on Drivepool: Create "drivepool M:\" which contains "drivepool A:\" and "google drive O:\" (the cloud drive)

Drivepool M:\ is set to pool duplication x2, but it's been on 'waiting' and hasn't duplicated any files. My goal was to have a backup on the cloud (google drive) in case of any hard drive failures. Any tips or suggestions? Do I have the settings wrong?




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Have you seeded the top level pool?  If not, then you may need to do that.


Also, don't use A:\ for the drive letter.  Windows has some hard coded behavior that expects A:\ and B:\ to be floppy drives.  This includes querying those drive letters frequently, which will keep the pool (and all the drives in it) awake. 


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