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Old Poolparts Show Up As "Other" - Survive Re-Balance, CHKDSK



I've got a 60+TB, 14-drive pool that's been running smoothly for a couple years on default settings.

However, a big block (7TB+) of "other space" has cropped up, spread across two drives.

Before the "other" space appeared, the two drives were briefly "missing", needed to be removed and re-added. Now all the drives are back in the pool, but the two removed/re-added drives each have several terabytes of "other" data now. 

Looking in explorer, each has a second poolpart hidden folder, but no amount of re-measuring or CHKDSK is helping.

How can I merge this second "other" poolpart back in to my pool? Since the "other" is spread across two drives, I'm not confident duplication will save me If I delete it.

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I have had to deal with a similar problem before. If you know which PoolPart is old and not being used, move all files from the old PoolPart into Drivepool using Explorer. Then delete the old PoolPart. Do this on both HDDs that have duplicate PoolParts. Then delete the old PoolParts. When you remeasure, you should have all your files in DrivePool and your "other" data should be back to nil (or close to it).

It might be faster to just move all data from the old PoolPart to the new PoolPart on the same HDD, and then remeasure, but I felt more confident in letting DrivePool "fix" itself by moving the files from the old PoolParts into DrivePool. That way, DrivePool will put the files on the HDDs that make most sense for your settings (balancing, etc..).

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