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Disk error removing drive with bad sectors.



More an FYI since I've figured it out.

I asked Drive Pool to remove a disk that was showing pending sectors in my disk monitor.  I used the default removal command which has "Force drive removal (unreadable files will be left on the disk)" unchecked. During the removal there was a warning about a "Data error" while removing the drive from the pool. This stopped the removal.  The error message just reported the data error, but not the file(s) impacted.

To find the files that were effected you can do a search in C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service\Logs\Service for log files containing "Error moving"


1. open a command prompt

2. cd "C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service\Logs\Service"

3. for %i in (*.log) do find "Error moving" %i >> error.txt


You will find lines like


DrivePool.Service.exe    Warning    0    [RemoveDriveFromPool] Error moving file from \\?\Volume{7b835eeb-5e9b-42b4-87e0-d8d7fdbfed15}\PoolPart.8b3037e7-f95a-41d7-9900-e6f07d8dd12f\Plex\Series\Farscape\Season 03\Farscape - S03E12 - Meltdown.mkv to \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume23\Plex\Series\Farscape\Season 03\Farscape - S03E12 - Meltdown.mkv. Data error (cyclic redundancy check)    2021-10-04 17:44:33Z    89617594250




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