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Confusing Scanner Logic. Manual Scan Initiation Possible?



I've been pretty confused about how Scanner actually works.  Here are some of my observations.

  • Scanner will scan a random drive without regard to when others were last scanned
  • Scanner doesn't pay attention to the setting that says to scan every 30 days (ie don't scan for another 30 days)
  • Scanner will stop mid scan and move to another drive
  • Scanner will scan a drive, but not update the Last Scanned, and will scan it again later
  • Scanner will scan a drive even if the settings to NOT Surface or File System scan are checked

Some things I learned:

  • Scanner will scan one drive per "interface".  So if I have 2 HBAs, it would scan one drive per HBA.  This accounts for some of the seemingly random drive selections
  • There are two scans (Surface and File System), and they are not done at the same time.
  • Scanner does not tell you which scan it is doing, and I haven't found a way to know which scan was started/completed per drive.


I have a drive that has been formatting for 14 hours, and another that I just fixed the file system on.  I want to rescan the second one so it can hopefully confirm it's fixed and wipe out the File System Damaged error.  I went through all the drives and checked the boxes to NOT surface or file system scan them.

When I hit Start Check it wants to scan the drive that's in the middle of formatting, and another drive.  So the ONLY drive that it should be scanning it doesn't scan.  First off, that just makes no sense to me.  Why is is scanning drives with those options checked?  Why it is scanning a drive that's in the middle of formatting?  How can I manually start a scan on this one drive by itself?



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