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Work Folders - Server 2012 r2


Playing around with the 'Work Folders' feature of 2012r2 and I've run up against a wall.


Works fine if I put the server path for the sync share on an actual drive (VHD, or Physical) however when I specify the target as being on the pool drive - it lets me configure it, and from the client it successfully creates the user folder on the server, but then gives the error: 'Sync Stopped. A problem occurred' 'Incorrect function (0x80070001)'


I was on v.420 so I updated to the latest beta (v.528) in the hopes that it might be related to 'Issue #51'


* [D] [issue #51] WSS storage service would not recognize the pool drives because the drives were reporting

                  that they were virtual drives. This was causing all kinds of problems with the Dashboard.


No luck unfortunately.


It's pretty clear that it's something funky MS is doing, and I highly doubt it's documented - but who knows, maybe you'll see a simple work-around on your end.


(What I'm trying to achieve, is real-time one-way sync of updated files located on users PCs back to a central location where they can be maintained/backed up, and so far none of the 'self-hosted dropbox equivalents or folder-sync apps I've tried have worked reliably. 'Work Folders' has (in limited testing) so far achieved all of my requirements, _except_ being on the pooled drive...)


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