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SSD Optimizer no longer clearing cache



My DrivePool SSD as a front end cache has been working just great for about 1 year. However, I recently experienced something with my computer that reset my DrivePool settings, removed the SSD cache, and spent weeks telling me that Duplication was inconsistent. Since DrivePool was in an error state, I attempt to use "Troubleshooting" and recheck duplication. Never fixed itself. Thinking my DrivePool was reaching its max capacity, I added another 4TB drive to the pool and within couple days DrivePool was able to fix the Duplication inconsistent situation.

So I added my SSD drive back into the pool, as an SSD, and reset the settings to where I think they were set before I had the problems. Unfortunately, my SSD cache no longer flushes to the archive disks as expected. Before, I had the SSD set to flush at 100 GB and had no problems. Furthermore, if I wanted to force a flush of the SSD cache, I would just tell DrivePool to rebalance itself and it would flush the SSD cache to the archive disks. Now, DrivePool will write to the SSD cache, but it does not flush the data to the archive drives when it reaches the 100 GB limit, and when I attempt to force a manual flush of the SSD it will not work. So my SSD eventually reaches a point where it is almost full and then new data will be written to any drive on the pool with the most free space. Something got broke and I don't know how to fix it.

For the time being, I have to manually "remove" the SSD to flush the cache and then add the SSD back to the pool. Although this is a viable work around, it is not a solution to my problem. A SSD cache that will not flush itself automatically is not really a cache. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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