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"File Scan" option not always doing anything



Recently I had an issue that caused me to move my array over to another disk. I think the issue caused a problem, as 5 disks show up with damage warnings. In each case the damaged block is shown to be the very last one on the disk. I assume this isn't some weird visual artifact where blocks are re-ordered to be grouped?

Anyway, clicking on the message about the bad disk of course gives a menu option to do a file scan. I decide to go ahead and do this, and of the 5 disks, I think only one actually apears to do anything- you can start see it trying to read all the files on the disk. The others, the option just seems to return, pretty much instantly, which makes no sense to me. They don't error or fail, or otherwise indicate a problem, they all just act like maybe there are no files on those disks to scan (there are). The disks vary in size, 2x4TB and the others are 10TB. One of the 4TB disks scanned fine, and indicated no problems, but it's not clear as to why it would work and the others wouldn't. 




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