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Improvement Suggestion for status bar updates



My MediaSonic 4-disk ProBox bit the dust last week. So 4 HDDs in my DrivePool were reported as missing. For better or worse, my DrivePool is now up to 19 HDDs (via USB 3.0) and sitting at about 80TB. I was able to remove some HDDs from USB enclosures I had in storage and finally got those 4 missing HDDs from the pool back online.

However, DrivePool is not liking the new pool setup. After the missing disks were put back online, DrivePool measured the pool, which seemed to go OK. But then it did a duplication check and erred out on that task. So I forced a trouble shooting duplication check and for the past 2 days, DrivePool has been Measuring... Duplicating... Calculating... etc.  With an 80TB DrivePool, it appears that a task is working on the animated status bar flashing, but I have absolutely no idea what % of the task is complete, or if the task is hung up and not progressing. It can be flashing the exact same task on the status bar for hours and hours, overnight, and into the next day. I have just been letting it run on it's own, because in the past I have seen that DrivePool does eventually seem to correct itself - it just might take a very long time. And with an 80TB DrivePool, I am seeing that it is taking over 48 hours and still counting.

My suggestion is to add a percentage complete display to the task bar so a person can verify the program/task is still working and not hung up.

FWIW, I know all my data is still safely on the HDDs that were in the ProBox. I really don't care if DrivePool takes a long time to correct itself (with an 80TB DrivePool) as long as the task is eventually completed. I just want to be sure that everything is still moving forward and not hung up in a death loop.

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