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Reparse.CoveFS.### (file part contents is different)



Good day.

  • I have some "fileparts are different" errors right now, but the error details only show some numbers, there is no filename, so what do I do with this? How do I know which files these errors are about? I looked at the logs (attached) and it seems I've had these for some time now (at least 7 days).
    • file '\\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume14\.covefs\reparse\Reparse.CoveFs.1022658043931171867' (file part contents is different).
    • Incidentally if you look at the attached log you'll see I got a few other errors today (e.g. Error getting info on pack, whatever that means).
  • On a different note, I've noticed the filesystem freezes-up sometimes when I do an operation in Explorer, specifically rename or move a file; it will freeze for 5-7 seconds, and sometimes Explorer just never finishes the move and I have to Cancel and move again. Strangely enough this happens consistently in some folders, so I can easily reproduce. This happens to me only on the pool, so far nowhere else. I've enabled the filesystem log and reproduced, but where's that log? Do I need to reboot after enabling it, or can I enable it, reproduce and then disable it?




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Well, since Drashna seems to be MIA, I investigated further. Turns out these reparse files are files that Drivepool uses to keep track of symlinks, and all the ones it was complaining about were DELETED symlinks. The "parts" that those deleted symlinks pointed to are still there, on two disks, and they are identical, but the symlink itself should not have remained in the CoveFS reparse directory since it had been deleted. I just zapped the reparse files, all resolved.

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