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File Placement Rules Questions


The new file placement rules are fantastic and a feature I've been awaiting with much anticipation. I have a few questions on their behavior.


If I setup a rule on a path and on a child path and a relative rule, what rule takes precedence? For example:


\Media\* (Limit to Drive 1)

\Media\Movies\* (Limit to Drive 2)

*.mkv (Limit to Drive 3)


Will the movies directory be placed on Drive 1 because it is matched by the first rule? Or will it end up on Drive 2 because the second rule is more specific? If a movie ends in mkv will it be placed on Drive 3? Is there any way to set the priority of the file matching rules?


Wildcards are definitely useful in building a rule. Are there any other matching parameters? Could I do a more robust pattern match like:


\Media\TV\[0-9]* (Limit to Drive 1)

\Media\TV\[A-L]* (Limit to Drive 2)

\Media\TV\[M-Z]* (Limit to Drive 3)


If not, I'd love to see that added

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