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Switch SATA Ports and DrivePool


I believe everything is ok but I wanted to cross check.  

The short version is I moved the exact drives into a different SATA ports when recabling my server.  DrivePool had already been setup previously and was working.  Windows for some reason got a bit confused and saw 2 drives when there wasn't - I rebooted and Windows only saw the correct drives. I popped open DrivePool and had an alert that a new unknown disk had been added.

It appeared to measure and balance everything. I checked my balancing rules and everything looked correctly. The drive came back with the same drive letter as before.

It appear everything is just fine but wanted to make sure my understanding was correct. Anything else I should be concerned about? 

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Should be fine - i am in the process of moving/removing/replacing disks at the moment and DP does not care which sata port the disk is connected to

only difference is that i dont use drive letters but mount points - so windows getting confused about drive letters is not something i see

each disk has a unique poolpart - but as windows had a ghost drive which would have appeared with the same poolpart thats prob what caused DP to choke until you rebooted and it did its checks etc

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@Spider99 - Thanks.  Looking closer I think this SAT expander card gets treated something sort of like USB in that in general I've never seen HDD's change based on what SATA port tey get plugged into. As well as that this drive connected to the expansion card shows up in the eject list in Windows. That being said everything else shows it as a local SATA drive.  

I checked and folders look correct and added files to locations that did what I expected them to do. So it looks like everything is working well. Appreciate the confirmation.

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