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Duplicate files questions


I am in the process of replacing some old HDDs with new HDDs in DrivePool. During the "Remove" drive process, DrivePool reported "Error Removing Drive" and indicated a potential virus or unwanted program. I looked into the Troubleshooting>Service Log and found the file that was tagged as a virus and manually deleted it. In the process of reading the Service Log, I noticed a few things about duplication that raised some questions for me.

1) The Service Log indicated that it found a number of incomplete duplicate files. So, how does DrivePool know which copy is complete and which is incomplete? Does it just default to the larger file as the complete file, or does DrivePool use some kind a hash code to verify files?

2) There were a number of events that DrivePool found 3 copies of a 2X duplicate file. This leads me to wonder how I ended up with 3 copies because the folder/files were only marked for 2X duplication. I don't want to be wasting storage space on 3X duplicates that are supposed to be 2X duplicates. Until now, I have just let DrivePool automatically manage the duplicate folders. However, is there some maintenance that I need to manually do to clean up the Duplication folders?

Despite the Service Log error events, everything I see on DrivePool GUI appears to be working fine. As long as I am getting the good, complete, files I am OK. Just wondering if DrivePool is auto correcting incomplete files and auto thinning out 3X duplicated files that are marked for 2X duplication. If there are any settings that I should tweak, please let me know. Thanks.

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