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What software program and device are you trying to stream your media files and play on the TV? 

I use Kodi/Plex and have an Amazon Fire TV stick. I can stream 1080p video files up to ~16GB without any problems on my home network server over wifi, but any file size larger than that I start to get buffering issues. This is not due to DrivePool, nor to my wifi, but rather the limits of my Amazon Fire TV Stick with its low powered CPU and limited cache memory on the device. You have to know where your weakest link is in your setup and start from there. 

Also, and this might not be a viable option for you, but you can convert your files to a format that requires less CPU processing on your device and provides better streaming. Kodi will play ISO files on my system, but Plex will not, for example. I will down convert my 2160p, UHD, HVEC, and X265 files to a standard 1080p or 720p mkv file which requires very little CPU processing on my Amazon Fire TV Stick, and therefore I get good streaming. But I don't have a 4K TV so I don't mind converting my files to a "lower" quality 1080p or 720p movie.

I have been told that Plex lets you download/buffer a complete movie to some game devices that have hard drives, and then you play the movie back from the local device's hard drive. So you would queue up your files before you wanted to watch them, let them download off the internet (for however long it takes), and then play the movie when the file is ready on your device. Not exactly streaming in real time, but eliminates the buffering issue of large files over the internet. I have never used the Plex/Game machine setup, but I hear that it works great if you have the right game machines.

I did buy a <$100 used computer for watching movies in a third room. I can copy files to that computer's local hard drive and then play them back locally from the computer's hard drive. That is another way to overcome the buffering issue from trying to stream files off an internet cloud server or slow home wifi. Even that old computer gives me more streaming and playback options than my Amazon Fire TV Stick.

I have a couple different internet cloud drive (free) accounts, and none of them are very fast. I would not even attempt to stream a movie off of them. I suggest you try to download a large file off your cloud server and monitor your transfer speed. Is it steady, or all over the place with dropouts? When it comes to streaming over my home wifi, I notice that I get an initial burst of ~4 MB/s speed while my Amazon Fire TV Stick is filling its onboard memory cache, but then the transfer rate drops down <1 MB/s thereafter. That is good enough for me to watch a 1080p movie <16 GB without any buffering on my system. Point is, you might see a different transfer rate on download versus streaming depending on your playback device.

Well, there are a few things to consider and maybe something there might be helpful to you. Best wishes.

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