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  1. I sorry I'm new to this and for this lengthy post, I do not mean to be annoying below are my drives, followed from the previous post you made. H: x1 Main CloudBit Drive V: x1 55TB Expansion, G: x1 Pool Drive with Both Inside of my Main H: google drive is "PoolPart.XXX Folder" + "Stablebit CloudDrive Folder" (inside of this folder are my movies) \ My G: Pool Drive is empty and contains nothing ( I can drag in my "StableBit CloudDrive Folder" Into my drive pool G: and it begins to transfer all my files but if I do that folder only won't it duplicate? )
  2. Okay so for example lets use your previous post example, so let's say I have an existing CloudDrive volume at E: which is 10TB. inside of my that drive I have my movie folders and another hidden folder "PoolPart.XXXX">>.covefs>>Reparse" the last folder inside is empty. - I then created a DrivePool to create a new pool, D:, and add E: Now I expanded my main existing cloud drive E: by 55TB and it Then used Disk Management to create a new 55TB volume, F:, from the free space on my CloudDrive. Then I go back to DrivePool, add F: to my D: pool. Then my pool now contains
  3. Hey sorry to bother I had a quick question I read one of your last post on "Optimal Settings for Plex" You say when creating a pool to move all your previous files on the main cloud drive to the pool, how can I move it? I tried to copy and paste the hidden file but it says I need administration privilege's. Down below is what you wrote, Thank you so much. Now you'll want to navigate to E:, find the hidden directory that DrivePool has created for the pool (ex: PoolPart.4a5d6340-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-cf8aa3944dd6), and move ALL of the existing data on E: to that directory. This will plac
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