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  1. I'd like to know exact the same thing.... Can't wait to upload my local cache....need to transfer it to a new disk!
  2. Hey guys, I hope you can help me. Situation: I have several encrypted drives @ GSuite (incl Drivepool). Worked nice until today, when I detached and mounted it on another server. When I tried to remount em at the old server, it just gets stuck.... mounting, perform recovery, mounting.... takes hours until now. I tried a clean install of CD already, but it doesn't help... as soon as I type in my license or get a 30day trial, my 3 drives pop up and try to mount (after I have to reauthorize em). I just want to remove them from my account and try to add them...but CD doesn't let me... Can't even try a "reset database" because it hangs.... I can just deinstall and install it. Regards //Edit: After deleting the local cache, the show up again in the list, but it keeps telling me that it was mounted and if I want to force to attach...If I try...it keeps mounting again...for hours. Would be terribad if my 58TB data is lost now Perhaps somebody would be so kind and do a teamviewer session with me or something?
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