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UI bug with Stablebit Scanner and Drivepool

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Hello all, 

First off sorry if this is the wrong place for this. New user here :)

So far, have been very pleased with the software, however I have noticed a strange bug over the last few days where the UI for both apps freezes and will no longer update.

Attempting to restart the apps results in this happening: jgIQKfZ.png


The apps seem to still be functioning normally from what I can tell, and things can still write to the pool and access it. However, this is obviously an inconvenience.

Restarting the computer seems to resolve the issue whenever it occurs. However as this is a media server intended to be running near 24/7, I would like to avoid this.

Machine specs:

Windows 10 Pro x64
Ryzen 5 1600

16gb RAM 3200mhz
GTX 1050ti
1tb Boot drive (NOT in pool)
Current Pool: 1x 10tb WD Red Pro, 4x 2TB Seagates (exact model unknown, they're old, but healthy).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I am using the latest software versions from the download site.

Googling didn't seem to have too much to say about this issue.

Thanks for any advice and happy holidays! Again sorry if this is not the right forum.

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By "latest software versions" do you mean STABLE (i.e. currently DrivePool and Scanner or are you accessing the RC/BETA versions?

By "restart the apps" do you mean closing and re-opening the GUIs, or restarting the Services they depend on?

Are you using latest stable releases of all system drivers (i.e. no beta/experimental versions that you're aware of)?

Have you (recently) run an offline memory test for at least an overnight duration (e.g. the Memtest86 or Memtest86+ tools)?

Is Scanner able to report the model(s) of the Seagates when you select each and then select "Disk details..."?

How quickly are the apps freezing? If you (temporarily) uninstall one of the apps, does the other app still freeze in the same time period? Vice versa?

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Thanks for the reply.

To my knowledge, I am not using the Beta Channels. The downloads were acquired from stablebit.com/respective_product_name/download. The version numbers are and

I am just restarting the GUIs. When this first occurred to the scanner, I did stop the scanner service in task manager, and when re-opening the GUI, the GUI appeared (good) but got stuck on "connecting to scanner service" indefinitely.

I have not run a memory test on this machine. It was built with new components(other than processor and drives) about 3 weeks ago and hasn't had any issues with anything until now. To my knowledge all system drivers are from the stable channels.

Scanner does report the serial/model numbers of the seagates yes.

I haven't really timed it but it seems to happen about daily. Before making this post both apps had been running completely normal for about 20 hours.


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I'd suggest trying the memory test overnight just to be sure. It's curious that both apps are freezing.

If it's clear, then I'd recommend opening a support ticket with Stablebit; they may ask you to submit service logs, test a beta or other details.

The GUI depends on the Service running; you'd need to restart the Service and then the GUI should connect to it (if you meant that you did restart the Service and it still got stuck then please mention that in your ticket).

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Interesting development here... 

For the last week or so have just been dealing with this. I do not need to access the UI frequently, and restarting wasn't too massive of a pain whenever I wanted to check something. 

However, one thing I failed to mention is that the server is headless, and all the maintenance I do through chrome remote desktop.

This bug seems to be a strange interaction with either the chrome remote desktop software or the fact that the server is being run headless.

Today I had to do some stuff that would just be a pain over remote desktop, so I dragged one of my monitors over to the server and plugged in it. Too my surprise, the GUI's were fully visible as one would expect. Logging in to my remote desktop and they were also there, however they were NOT there just before plugging in the monitor. The computer was not restarted. Unplugging the monitor resulted in the GUIs no longer being visible over chrome remote desktop. Perhaps I will try either a new remote desktop software or purchasing a dummy HDMI plug to trick the server into thinking it actually has a monitor attached.


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