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Corrupted video files after recovering from recycle bi



Had a weird thing happen; fortunately I had a backup, but...


I have my DrivePool set to x3 on most folders, except the following which are set at x1.

Recycle Bin


Backblaze temp folder (online backup)


I had several videos in the MKV container format that I demuxed and remuxed into the MP4 container using dBpoweramp Video converter, with the option set to delete to the recycle bin on completion.  Problem was, I also had dBpoweramo Video converter to split to two video sections after 4GB, so I recovered the original MKV files from the Recycle Bin.  The files I recovered were mostly corrupted; they would throw an error when playing after a couple minutes or so.


Anyone ran onto this type of issue before?  I was wondering if maybe it was because I had the Verify After Copy option turned off (by default) in DrivePool or the fact I have the recycle bin set to x1


i had the originals backed up so no data lost, but now I’m a bit wary and do all my video and audio conversions on an SSD first, then copy back to the Drive Pool.  I also turned on the Verify After Copy option.

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8 hours ago, Lynx_TWO said:

Anyone ran onto this type of issue before?

Interesting. I have never noticed any corrupted files recovered from my recycle bin. But I seldom ever go into the recycle bin and pull out deleted files. Is it possible that you filled up your recycle bin and the OS just starting dumping "partial" files?  I don't think you would get any benefit from duplicating corrupted files in the recycle bin. Sounds like you protected yourself with having originals backed up elsewhere.

From what I understand, DrivePool uses the standard Windows file system management and not something unique to their software. I wonder if you would have the same corrupt files from the recycle bin if you had been working on a non DrivePool drive? I would think it should make no difference.

Having said that, when I down convert movie files from 2160p to 1080p/720p, I don't send my files directly to the recycle bin. I always use a copy of the original, convert it, then delete the copy. Sounds like the direction you are moving towards also. Glad you had the originals safely placed elsewhere and were able to recover from the corrupted files. Sometimes we save ourselves.

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