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Suggestion - Balancing Options




Sorry if this is not in a suitable location, but I couldn't find a suggestions option.

Would it be possible to implement a auto-tiering option in some way?  E.g. automatically use fast storage as primary and slow storage for secondary duplicates? That way something should always come off say NVMe first, followed by SSD, SSHD and traditional HDDs.  I only ask, because by default my duplication goes across HDDs and the performance is... as you would expect!

Alternatively, some way of using the faster disks as "caching" drives - perhaps based on frequency of file access or just by file access timestamps?


Just some thoughts I had today whilst trying to make best usage of my varied storage devices.

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I know there is an SSD Optimzier plugin but AFAIK it only serves as a write cache, you can't dictate which files should be on the SSDs for fast reads.

There are also File Placement Rules where you can map certain folders to specific SSD/HDDs but there I don't think you can use a single SSD for both functions (not sure, maybe you can).

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