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(Pre-Sales) - Moved from VM to physical Google drive can't reauthorized drive



Switching from unRAID to the trip of Stablebit products and setup a clouddrive with my gsuite to store some files while I migrate and before purchasing.

With unRAID I was running a Win10 VM where I tested all the software. Powered off unRAID and booted into the VM (Baremetal)

CloudDrive wanted me to transfer the license as it was a change of hardware did that no problem.

Then it wanted me to reauthorized my drive and that is where I am stuck I keep getting the below.

None of my credentials changed. 

I have made a second drive that authorised fine with the same credentials.

Who do I go upon troubleshooting this ?

When I log into the Gsuite account I can see the encrypted data so it is there and the credentials are 100% correct.



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The error, as you can probably deduce, is simply saying that it cannot locate the data for the volume when logging in with the provided credentials. But, if you're absolutely sure that you're using the same google credentials that the data was created with, and that the data is available when looking via other tools like the Google web UI, you might have just stumbled on a bug of some sort.

Submit a ticket to the official support channel here: https://stablebit.com/Contact

They'll get you sorted.

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16 minutes ago, Jean-pierre.erasmus@outloo said:

Thank you for the prompt reply @srcrist. I have logged a ticket. I will quickly try uninstalling clouddrive -> reboot -> clear all files -> reinstall to see if that fixes it.

Sure thing. Also just doublecheck very carefully that you are actually using the same account that created the drive to authorize it now. You'll be using whatever Google account is logged in to your browser to authorize the service. As someone who uses multiple Google accounts for a few things, I have received this same error because I thought that I authorized with one account but didn't notice that I actually was signed in with another.

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20 minutes ago, Jean-pierre.erasmus@outloo said:

That is what I am thinking.

After the reboot and reinstall it appears to have cached the credentials somewhere. 
Do you know where so I can delete it as the reinstall remembered all configuration

Well you can delete the service folder, but I wouldn't recommend it. Simply choosing to reauthorize the drive, or removing the connection from your providers list in the UI and re-adding it, should bring up the window to choose your credentials again.

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