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Drive cannot be mounted after one of my drives went missing



As I came back to my desktop this morning, I found my two cloud drives unmounted. It turned out that one of my SSDs was no longer seen by Windows 10 for some reason, and that's where the CloudPart folders were located. So I remounted the drives and set up their local cache to another of my local hard drives. The two cloud drives remounted without a hitch, so far so good.

I then turned off my PC, checked that the SATA cables were still properly in place, restarted the PC and checked that the missing SSD was seen in the BIOS (it was), and booted back into Windows. The missing SSD is now showing again, which is good news. Stablebit CloudDrive managed to remount one of the two drives pretty quickly, but it's been stuck for the past couple of hours on a loop telling me that the other cloud drive cannot be mounted because it's attached to a different computer. Another computer was never involved in this, just two local hard drives on the same PC.

I see that I have CloudPart folders for the two cloud drives on both local drives. What should I do from there without risking losing any data?

Here's what support sent me (lightly edited for readability), which I followed and solved my issue. Phew!


"That's a tricky issue as the cache for the drives are available in two locations, which is a serious problem for StableBit CloudDrive. The best bet would be to disable the StableBit CloudDrive Service (run "services.msc", find the service, right click on it and select properties, and set the startup type to "manual"), and reboot the system. Once you've done that, remove the CloudDrive folders from the SSD.  Once they're gone, start the service (and set it back to "automatic". From there, run a CHKDSK pass on the CloudDrive disks to make sure there is no corruption.   And if you want, detach the drives and reattach them on the SSD again."



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