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NTFS File ID changing on moving / renaming files?


I'm attempting to use FreeFileSync to push a copy of my computer to an off-site server.

FreeFileSync has the ability to track renamed/moved files, rather than simply duplicating them, or deleting/re-uploading the same file.

This functionality relies on the NTFS unique file identifiers to match files that have been renamed/moved.

The machine running Drivepool, however, seems to assign a new file ID each time the file is renamed or moved.

Is this a known issue? Is there some sort of Drivepool file ID that supercedes/replaces the NTFS ID?

I've attached two sample images of a successful rename/sync, and an unsuccessful example.

Pointing FreeFileSync at the physical disks isn't going to be an option, so I'd really like to get this working.




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I'm attaching another screenshot to better illustrate the problem.


When I rename the File Rabbits1.mp4 to Rabbits1~Rename.mp4 the file ID on the physical disk remains the same, but changes in the pool.


Is there any way around this? I've tried disabling / enabling different 'performance' features in Drivepool, but none of them seem to stop it.

Annotation 2020-06-26 123938.png

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