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Reading pool in different machine




I have 2 basically identical “Servers” running Drivepool. On one of them my OS drive just died. Can I take the drives from the failed machine and put them to the healthy one?

My plan was to remove the drives from the healthy one and put the drives from the failed one in the healthy one. Will Drivepool recognize the pool, although it is not the pool belonging to the Healthy machine?

I think it will, but it is risky to simply test and would be great if someone could confirm.

I will not replace the OS drive On the failed one, since the final plan is to consolidate all drives into one machine and downsize.


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Just wanted to report back that the “transplant” was successful. After the backup of the healthy machine was finished, I pulled all the drives. Moved the drives from the failed machine to the healthy one. Started the machine and voila there was the other pool. Driveletter was different, so I cannot comment if that would have been an issue. The only warning I received was that some paths were different. I clicked fix and a couple of seconds later all was OK. 

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