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Drivepool + Encryption



Heya, i know there is a thread with this question before, but i didnt want to respond in an old thread.

So heres my question, im running Drivepool, with encryption via DiskCryptor Fork, Diskcryptor doesnt automount as i havnt encrypted the system drive.
So when i login to the PC, i need to type my password manually, but Drivepool doesnt recognize the drives, so i manually restart the Drivepool Service and it works.

 "BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect": {
   "Default": true,
   "Override": null

CoveFs_BypassNtfsFilters (Default: "False")



Managed to solve the Diskcryptor issue, made a startup script, see my example:

if exist \\?\Volume{70946c90-a592-11ea-91e8-b42e99cbce4b}\keyfile "C:\Program Files\dcrypt\dccon.exe" -mountall -p "YOURPASSWORD" -kf \\?\Volume{70946c90-a592-11ea-91e8-b42e99cbce4b}\keyfile

Created a mount.cmd file with the text above.

Windows Start > RUN > write gpedit.msc and go to Computer config > Windows > Script > Start and click show files, paste the mount.cmd here, and OK, click add, and choose the mount.cmd.

Had to create a keyfile for every drive as for a password, used same password and keyfile for all drives.
Volume ID can be found in Diskcryptor.
My keyfile is on a USBdrive.

Couldnt get symlink to work from USB drive to C drive, but no biggie.

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