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  1. Sweet, i'd like to know more how to do that. From what iv'e read on the forums, Combining 2 pools, local and clouddrive and doing something else should be possible to achieve what i want. Gonna have to dive deeper into this. Edit: Went with another software to do my backup to google. But a way to do it with Clouddrive more efficiently would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Removed everything, but i still have like 4TB of Duplicated files locally on my drives. How can i delete the duplicated stuff just bogging up storage space? Edit: Short answer -> Remeasure. Created a new Drivepool with 2 Clouddrives at 50TB each. Data Duplication 1x, Encrypted, 16Kb Cluster Size, 20MB Chunk Size. So now i need a software that can auto upload stuff from Directory on D: to my new pool at a time schedule. I'm guessing Drivepool can't do that?
  3. I'm on way to remove the Gdrive and create a smaller one for the essential stuff only. Gonna keep my business plan, just in case. Any other software that can do what i want? Backup directories without sacrificing on write performance? Too bad i cant duplicate as i wanted to, not really in the feel of creating 2 pools, I need 1 big pool for my stuff on Emby. Thanks for helping out.
  4. Thanks for the quick and informative response! I guess i'm about to remove that 256TB Disk then because of the issues with it, had no idea. The performance of the SSD is great, until it fills up, and has to wait for my slow transfers to finish to the archive Yes i have tried removing the SSD to see if the speeds differs, and no, write speed doesn't change though, still "capped" at my upload speed. Just noticed that running an SSD with a USB cable is not that great.. I'm not duplicating a whole volume, i'm duplicating folders. Clouddrive is conf
  5. Okey. 8 Local disks, each 10TB each. Formated with 64Kb. 1 SSD, 120GB connected via USB. Acting as a cache disk with SSD Optimizer plugin. 1 Clouddrive at 256TB with Google Drive Business Plan (Unlimited). In Drivepool I've added the Clouddrive to my pool.
  6. Help! Ive setup Clouddrive to my Gdrive. Im backing up everything there. In Drivepool ive added the clouddrive, and setup to only duplicate to the clouddrive. When copying files to my drivepool, its super slow. Any help?
  7. Heya, i know there is a thread with this question before, but i didnt want to respond in an old thread. So heres my question, im running Drivepool, with encryption via DiskCryptor Fork, Diskcryptor doesnt automount as i havnt encrypted the system drive. So when i login to the PC, i need to type my password manually, but Drivepool doesnt recognize the drives, so i manually restart the Drivepool Service and it works. "BitLocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect": { "Default": true, "Override": null }, CoveFs_BypassNtfsFilters (Default: "False") SOLVED Managed to solve t
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