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Always put files evenly on all drives, not on the least filled drives?



Hi, so I'm using DrivePool with SnapRAID and I added a few drives a few months ago and plan on adding more in the future.


My small issue is that new drives are getting filled with all the new files which makes the combined performance of those files worse than if they were all across the drives.

Imagine having 8 drives filled at 20%, and I add 2 more drives. So now the new files are only on the 2 drives until they reach 20%. I'd much rather have new files on all 10 of them roughly evenly and I can do some manual balancing safely if needed.

So how can I do this, this being basically a round-robin sort of file placement across all disks regardless of available capacity?

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In theory, the pool will do that, but ... only after filling some capacity.  The default behavior of the pool is to place new files on the disk(s) with the most available free space.  If all of the disks have the same amount of free space, then it will place the files evenly between the drives.

However, if you want it to force the drives to be equally filled as soon as they're added to the pool, then you can install the Drive Space Equalizer balancer plugin: 
StableBit DrivePool Balancer Plugins

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