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Cant pick Google Drive as a provider?




I tryed to fix the API issue and i saw that i can no longer select Gdrive or Google drive anymore in the Stablebit Clouddrive UI

Did i fuck something up?


I had installed the lastest beta version StableBit.CloudDrive_1.2.0.1242_x64_BETA.exe 

uninstalled it and installed the lastest final release StableBit.CloudDrive_1.1.3.1221_x64_Release.exe to see if that would fix the issue..


I read the changelog files to see if it has been removed, but i cant seem to understand it.

Anyone else have this issue?


I tryed selecting Google Cloud Storage but i get no where with that..


Please help :)

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Since Google Drive is now marked as experimental, you'll have to enable experimental providers under the troubleshooting options at the top of the CloudDrive UI in order to see it. 

Google Cloud Storage is Google's enterprise storage provider, so that won't work for Google Drive. 

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Yeah, the only reason I know to do that is that once upon a time Amazon Cloud Drive was marked experimental and that was the only way to access that as well. Providers are moved to experimental in order to purposely hide them from general users. Either because they are problematic, or because there are more technical steps to use them than others. 

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