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Files disappearing from Downloads folder?


I don't know that this necessarily has anything to do with Drivepool (But I have absolutely no idea what else might be happening.)


Over the past few days, random files have been ... disappearing from my downloads folder (which is in my pool.)


They're missing from the disk, not just the pool. They're 100% unrecoverable, even with disk recovery software. It's like they never existed at all.


It only seems to be effecting my downloads folder, which is placed on a SSD with file placement rules.


I figured the disk was going bad so I went out and bought a brand new one last night.


Same problem, today. All of my folders / subfolders are still there, but random files will disappear over time.


This has to be one of the most bizarre / scary things I've ever experienced.


I'm only posting here, because continuing to have the problem with a new SSD is my worst case scenario. I don't have any idea what to check / try next.


I am using Windows 10 x64 1903 and Drivepool


edit: I just wanted to add that Windows 10 "storage sense" is disabled, which is supposed to automatically clean temp folders


There's nothing in my Windows Event Viewer that shows anything strange happening, either.



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I found it.


A particular piece of software I use implemented a 'recycle bin cleanup' feature that defaulted to on, and a cleanup period that defaulted to 7 days.


I'm out about 3 days of head-scratching, $80 for a new SSD and several months worth of music and Doom mods I hadn't found time to organize.

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