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DrivePool to mange CloudDrive upload buffer


Current: I have a CloudDrive with multiple partitions, and I have pooled them together using DrivePool. This is mounted on my SSD which has around 1TB space, with 200GB set for the cache on the CloudDrive (expandable). I also have a bunch of HDDs storing local data that has yet to be uploaded onto the CloudDrive. I added these HDDs to the aforementioned pool so that applications like Plex can access the files before they are uploaded to the CloudDrive. Since space is limited on my cache drive, the upload process has been a bit of a pain. I currently check if there is space on the cache drive as data is constantly being uploaded, and I manually move files out of a HDD "poolpart" folder onto the drive's own directory, then copy them back onto my Pool where they are now placed onto the CloudDrive partitions due to them having a lot more free space than the HDDs. Then I wait a day until the data is uploaded and repeat.

Goal: Would there be a way to use DrivePool to automate the above? Basically, as my cache drive empties (based on my config, my cache drive itself is not in any pool) via uploading data, the local HDDs move data over to the CloudDrive partitions. Of course, this would ideally happen in the background, and for all application purposes, the Pool itself remains the same, only the files shift from HDD -> Cache -> Cloud. Then, when I download future data, it could be placed on the local HDDs and be added to the queue. Basically, my goal is to let the multiple HDDs serve as an extension of the upload queue while keeping the cache portion on the SSD itself.

I feel like the SSD optimizer is close to doing this, but as I understand it, the problem is that it uses free space from the CloudDrive partition instead of from the cache drive itself. So the partitions might only be 5% full, but the cache drive would be 95% full. 

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