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Identifying a drive by blinking its light


I was hoping you coud add an option to Scanner (and/or DrivePool) to identify a drive by making its read/write LED blink.

I have a drive pool with 16 identical 4TB drives. I need to replace one of them, but I do not know which one it is. I have the drives serial number, but I would have to power down the server and remove each drive one at a time to find the one with the sticker with the correct serial number. The downtime of the server would be much shorter if I could identify the drive first, before powering down the server.

I was thinking, maybe add a button next to each drive in the drive list, and when clicked, the software would then do a read/stop/read/stop/... sequence with a certain pattern that would make it easy to identify the drive, because its read/write LED would start to blink in that pattern.

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