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Store files in native format?


Kind of an odd question, but, since CloudDrive has the "NAS" feature, is it possible to use it to store files in their native format?  I'd like to add my local NAS to my existing drive pool so that everything gets duplicated to the NAS, but, I'd also like to be able to browse those files via CIFS/NFS from other computers.  Right now, I use something like FreeFileSync to copy all the data from my DrivePool to the NAS every night, but I'd really like this to be totally automatic and part of the functionality of my "mirror" pool.  I did try the NAS functionality, and, while it works great, it's storing chunk files which, of course, makes the files unreadable to other clients.  

Any possibility of implementing a "store in native format" switch?  Or is there one that I just don't/didn't see?

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On 8/10/2019 at 1:23 PM, Christopher (Drashna) said:

Right now, no.  The way that StableBit CloudDrive was designed prevents this.  Though, it has been a heavily requested feature, and it may be something that we add in the future. 

Is there an update for this?  This would be great for remote NAS devices being used for local media caches.

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