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Disk missing from pool but auto created in its own


So I have two pools that I added bigger drives to and then removed the two smallest ones (of course letting drivepool remove them). Everything went fine until I swapped the drives out. Now one of the remaining drives shows up as missing in one pool, however drivepool has created and added it to a 3rd pool. I try to remove it from the 3rd pool and it just wont. I'm not sure why the software isn't pulling it back into its correct pool. One pool says disk 5 missing but disk 5 is in a new pool. Pictures attached. I guess I can totally blow away that disk 5 but i'd rather not... Any advice?

pool pic.PNG

pool pic2.PNG

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First things first, I would HIGHLY recommend running a CHKDSK scan on the drive in question.   

Specifically, this could happen if the ADS tag that we use for pool identification got corrupted or moved.  Moved is not very likely, since ADS are hard to access, normally.  But corruption to the file system is a lot more common, and likely the cause here.  If the ADS tag got corrupted, it could absolutely cause this to happen. 


That said, there is a quick and simple hack to fix this:

You should be able to follow this, and it should take 30 minutes or less to complete, depending on the exact content of the drive. 


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I tried this but with no success. I couldn't open the pool part folder. I just formatted and now I have to start over on some of that data. I had a backup but my dumb ass let second copy auto run on boot on my backup server which said "hey these files don't exist anymore so they must not be needed". 8tb of movies later.... Thanks for the assistance however. 

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