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Error 0x80070570



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The simplest solution may be to run CHKDSK on the drive in question.  


However, specifically, I would recommend doing this:


  1. Take the drive offline in disk management
  2. Turn off all pinning in the CloudDrive UI
  3. Clear the local cache, and wait until it's down to 0 bytes (literally empty)
  4. Bring the cloud drive back online from disk management

You may need to run step #3 multiple times to get it down to 0 bytes.  If you try clearing the local cache multiple times, and it doesn't go down to 0 bytes, then just go to step #4.

If that doesn't help, then run "chkdsk /f" on the drive in question, as that may repair the file system.

If that doesn't, then you may need to run data recovery software such as TestDisk or Recuva to restore/repair the partition, or recover the data.

Additionally, I would recommend upgrading to the latest beta. It may not help with the issue, but there are a number of code changes and bug fixes that may prevent something like this from happening in the future. 



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