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SSD Optimzer Feature Request


Not sure where I am supposed to be posting this but I figured I would try here first. 

I was hoping for a feature that would allow us to empty the SSD optimizer at a specific rate. (For example, move X gbs from SSD to archive when the SSD drive is this full or this much data needs to be moved.) 

Currently, when the criteria is met, the entire SSD is emptied into the archives all at once.

My goal is to keep the more current data on the SSD and slowly push older data into the archives. I am hoping to just move the first X GBs written be moved to the archive whenever the trigger criteria is met but leaves the remainder of the data on the SSD. An example would be if I had a 1 TB SSD. Once it reaches 800 GBs used, it would then push the first 200 GBs into the archives now making the SSD 600 GBs used. Rinse and repeat forever. 

Not sure if this is possible or this can be added in as a feature down the road?  

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