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drivepool says missing drives once scanner is installed and scanner UI won't connect


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I've been playing with the two software packages on a variety of OSes for my needs to see what I was going to use and I've been having some problems and have finally narrowed down but am stuck.


I had issues with 2012 essentials that were similar but did not do the same test there yet.  The system would not respond well or reboot reliably, I went back to WHS2011 before attempting again.


Issue:  drivepool works great and is fast and UI connects every time until installing scanner.  Once installing scanner there are several drives that are reported as missing 4 of 5 drives.  device manager also shows the 4 drives are not present.


OS:  WHS 2011 x64 bit with all updates applied (170 or so) prior to installing scanner and drivepool. drivepool annd scanner



  • OS drive using onboard ICH7 SATA 3 port
  • 4 pool drives (WD 2TB Red) using addonics SATA6 2x PCIe card (Marvell 9230 based)
  • 1 pool drive (WD 2TB Red) using eSATA onboard port (JMicron 36x based)
  • 8GB RAM
  • atom asus ion 5t deluxe

From device manager, it appears that the only drive showing up to drive pool is the eSATA one and all the drives on SATA6 add-on card are not found.  Drivepool UI indicates that the re-balance target for one drive is zero data so it is attempting to move that data off.  I guess that is based on a flag from the scanner.


Once scanner started up it was scanning 3 drives.  I assume that was because there are three controllers in the system so it could scan three drives at once.


scanner log files and folders are empty, nothing to submit.






after playing a bit with it, the issue appears to occur only when scanning one of the drives attached to the 9230 Marvell controller.  are there issues with drivers on that card?

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