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Problem deactivation stablebit license



Hello everyone
I have a problem with the license drivepool.
Whenever I restart my pc, drivepool asks me to deactivate my license, then I have re-enabled to access the control panel.
It's doing this to me since yesterday.
I am running windows 7 64bit with 8 hdd
thank you for your help
(sorry for my english, I'm french)


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That is not typical behavior, but unfortunately this does happen every once in a great while.


Could you upload the error reports?



As well, as get a memory dump of the "DrivePool.Service.exe" process?



Once you've done those, reset the Settings for DrivePool:


After doing this, you should have to activate again. But this should be the last time that you have to do this.



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I know you don't have a "dashboard.exe" process, but you should definitely have a "DrivePool.Service.exe" process. The process for getting the dump is identical here, which is why I linked that article. It was originally for getting dumps of the WHS2011 dashboard, but as the process for any other .... well, process is the same, it's easier to reuse the same article.



So basically, use that method to get create a dump of the "DrivePool.Service.exe" process, instead of the "Dashboard.exe" process.

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