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DrivePool, SnapRAID and CloudDrive Integration



Hello everyone!

I plan to integrate DrivePool with SnapRAID and CloudDrive and require your assistance regarding the setup itself.

My end goal is to pool all data drives together under one drive letter for ease of use as a network share and also have it protected from failures both locally (SnapRAID) and in the cloud (CloudDrive)

I have the following disks:
- D1 3TB, D: drive (data)
- D2 3TB, E: drive (data)
- D3 3TB, F: drive (data)
- D4 3TB, G: drive (data)
- D5 5TB, H: drive (parity)

Action plan:
- create LocalPool X: in DrivePool with the four data drives (D-G)
- configure SnapRAID with disks D-G as data drives and disk H: as parity
- do an initial sync and scrub in SnapRAID
- use Task Scheduler (Windows Server 2016) to perform daily synchs (SnapRAID.exe sync) and weekly scrubs (SnapRAID.exe -p 25 -o 7 scrub)
- create CloudPool Y: in CloudDrive, 30-50GB local cache on an SSD to be used with G Suite
- create HybridPool Z: in DrivePool and add X: and Y: 
- create the network share to hit X:

Is my thought process correct in terms of protecting my data in the event of a disk failure (I will also use Scanner for disk monitoring) or disks going bad?

Please let me know if I need to improve the above setup or if there is soemthing that I am doing wrong.

Looking forward to your feedback and thank you very much for your assistance!

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