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Move pool and licences to another machine?





Im going to spin up a VM just for storage and I want to move my pool over to that one. The drives are connected directly so they arent virtualized or anything.


First, what is the best way to move to pool? The correct procedure, etc.


Second, afterwards, how do I move the licence?



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Best way? 

  1. Deactivate the license for StableBit DrivePool
  2. Uninstall StableBit DrivePool
  3. Move the drives to the new VM
  4. Install Windows and StableBit DrivePool
  5. Activate the software

That's it.  You may want to reset the permissions on the pool, if you used specific user accounts.  Otherwise, it should "just work".


As for the deactivation itself: 

  • StableBit DrivePool 2.X/StableBit CloudDrive: Open the UI on the system that the software is installed on, click on the "Gear" icon in the top, right corner and select the "manage license" option. 
  • StableBit Scanner: Open the UI on the system that Scanner is installed on. Click on "Settings" and select "Scanner Settings". Open the "Licensing" tab, and click on the "Manage license" link. 

This will open a window that shows you the Activation ID, as well as a big button to "Deactivate" the license. Once you've done this, you can activate the license on a new system.

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