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Scanner just won't let the disks spin down...no matter what I try



Like the title says, I have tried every combination of everything I can think of, including throttling SMART queries, changing work window settings, Direct IO etc etc, and nothing works. The system is running Server 2012 R2, and it DOES spin down the drives, but they immediately spin back up, with Scanner installed or running. If I uninstall Scanner or disable all Scanner services, the system spins down disks perfectly fine.

The system runs ~200TB in a few pools, so spinning down disks is much needed, but I also want to let Scanner do its thing. However, it doesn't seem like these two will play nicely.

Any suggestions (beyond the obvious)?



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I just noticed this myself. When scanner is running, no drive on the system will spin down. Shut the service down and all is good.

This use to work, but I'm not sure what version that was, and if it's related to any of the Windows update.

One thing I did notice is the scanner appears not to update the power status any more. If I force the drive to spin down with HDDScan, the scanner UI never changes states, same goes for using the internal mech. in scanner to put the drive in standby.  The status never changes until you restart the service.



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