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OK,  so I plan to build a cheap pc to use with drivepool and 4x hard drives. 

I want to be able to read movies from the created drivepool drive on my projector in the loft and TV downstairs. Both these displays have a Nvidia shield. 


Common connections seem to be HDMI out or streaming,..  HDMI is hassle as cable is to thick to hide to the loft...  Streaming can be hassle with 4k blurays. 

Is there no way to have a USB output of the drivepool drive somehow?  Or some other thinner than hdmi cable? That would allow a wired connection to the drivepool drive


Hope you understand 

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I stream 4k Blu-Rays fine from my DrivePool using Kodi on my Shield TV box. The issue you run into is that even though you have multiple disks that are the same manufacturer and model, their performance may vary. Make sure your 4k streaming files are on your fastest disks in the pool by doing file placement rules. The other factor in streaming is network. You will definitely want to do Gigabit Ethernet rather than wireless when you want to stream 4k Blu-Rays. If you have duplication enabled on you pool, make sure Read Striping is enabled.

You will need to test your Ethernet network using iPerf or something like that to ensure that it is actually doing wire speed. Some home routers have Gigabit Ethernet but are not actually capable of Gigabit throughput.

DrivePool is not intended to be a NAS application, so there is no way for you to use USB to expose it as a disk, unless there is some special USB driver software out there that I don't know about. You could potentially use USB networking, but you would have to have some way to convert it to Ethernet, because the Shield TV boxes and TV's only use USB for storage and charging.

Streaming is definitely the easier choice since you only have provide the network rather than trying to run thick HDMI 2.0 video cables everywhere. If you must run video though, you may want to look into devices that can run the video signal over wireless or Cat6/7 cables; you would need Cat7 to do it in a single cable, since HDMI 2.0+ has an 18 Gbps bandwidth.

I hope this helps!

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