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Can CloudDrive be larger than local physical drive?

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If I have a small-ish hard drive, say around 120GB, really just for my OS and a couple of apps, can I use StableBit CloudDrive to create a really large, say 2-4TB, cloud drive, even though my physical hard drive is much less in size? In other words I believe, if I understand your features correctly, that I can create a very large CloudDrive and not need that same amount in physical storage....is that right? And if so, is there some sort of relationship between the cloud drive size that the physical hard drive StableBit is running on for caching purposes - like for every 1TB, best practice is to have 50GB in physical cache space? Is there a user manual online - I could not find one??? 


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The cache size is what is stored locally. Setting that to "fixed" type would hard limit what was available locally. 

As for what size is ideal? That entirely depends on what you're doing.  The cache is adaptive, so it should attempt to keep frequently used data in the cache.  But if you're accessing different data frequently, then you would want a larger cache, to reduce bandwidth usage and API calls (eg, load). 

But it this is for media usage, then "more is better" definitely applies here. 

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