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Drive is marked Read Only when a drive is missing from the Pool



When using DrivePool in conjuction with CluodDrive I have a problem when uploading a large amount of data.


I have the following setup.

3x 3tb Drives for Cache for CloudDrive with 500Gb dedicated and the rest expandable.

I am in an EU Datacentre with 1Gb/s internet connectivity


I have a DrivePool with 3 different accounts - 2x Google Drive and 1x Dropbox.

I have another DrivePool for where my downloads go, that consists of space left over from the listed drives above.


When I attempt to copy / move files from the Downloads DrivePool into the CloudDrive DrivePool, one drive always drops off, Randomly, never one in particular.

But then DrivePool will mark the Drive as read only and I can't move media to the new drive.


I would have thought cache would handle this temporary outage, I would also expect that the Local Drive cache should handle the sudden influx of files, and not knock off the CloudDrives. I also would think that DrivePool would still be usable and not mark the drive as read only?


What am I doing wrong? - how do I fix this behaviour?

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For the read only thing, this is normal and expected behavior for the pool.  SInce we can't be certain about the duplication levels of all of the files, we disable the ability to write to the pool, so that data doesn't get out of sync (corrupted). 



However, the data dump causing the CloudDrive disks to get unmounted is definitely not normal. 

If you could, enable drive tracing in StableBit CloudDrive, and reproduce the issue.





Also, make sure that you're on the latest version ( of StableBit CloudDrive.


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