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Ordered File Placement - Not enough room to copy issue (but Pool has heaps)



With the 8TB Archive Drives, I like the Ordered File Placement balancer, fill them up and move to the next.  One issue is that when copying to the pool you get a Not Enough Room to copy a file where:

- The file to copy is larger than the space on the drive being filled even;

- When there is a second empty drive


Eg, I have 7GB free on one drive and 8TB free on another.  When I try to copy a 15GB file to the pool windows fails reporting not enough disk space.  The Ordered File Placement balancer does not seem "smart" enough to move onto the next drive.  This happens both when just trying to copy files to the pool or remove a HDD from the pool.  




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Even if the pool has a lot of free space, it depends on the disk that the software plans on writing to.


For the Ordered File Placement balancer plugin, if the threshold for each disk is set "too high", larger files will fail to write.   Eg, if you have 100GB free on the drive still, and try writing a 500GB file, it will fail with a "not enough free space" warning.


Which is pretty much exactly what you're describing.  This is why the defaults for the balancer are "pretty high" compared to what you'd expect them to be. 




In this case, this is why I personally prefer the "SSD Optimizer" balancer plugin.  it has the option to do the Ordered File Placement stuff, but it also has the option to use a write cache (the SSDs, which don't have to be actual SSDs).  The new files are written to the "SSD" drives, and then migrated to their final destination.    This helps to prevent the free space error ... unless you have smaller drives.


This allows you to better fill the drives, without worrying about this issue. 

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