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Multiple GDrive Setup - Error: Thread was being aborted



Hello All,


I am new to StableBit CloudDrive and I just wanted to ask a quick question; I am currently bulk uploading about 1.5TB of data over 4 GDrive accounts. I have increase replication to 2 and the upload is currently in process. Every so often I get the following error message from one of the drives:


Error: Thread was being aborted




When setting up I followed this Plex user guide from Reddit:



Which talks about upload threats potentially being a problem. I had them set exactly as it says in the guide.


I have lowered them to:

  • Upload: 5
  • Download: 5

Does this look OK?

Is there anything else I can do?

Is this something I can put back once the bulk upload has completed; as I will not be pushing 1.5TB as a one off push all the time?

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